New South Blues EP

by The Restoration

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From a band that usually writes narrative concept albums, consider the New South Blues EP a collection of nonfiction.

Each song on the EP carries the persisting stamp of the blues and each is about the real live South—the home we live in and draw from for our historical fiction. There is no grand arcing Faulknerian narrative here, calculated to climax around a social lesson. Nobody dies on the knife of symbolism. The darker side of the human journey does not prevail only to plead to the listener, "please, learn from this and don't be an asshole."

Instead, these songs are a stroll around the South Carolina tri-state area, right here in 2013. From the SC State Fair's surreal cacophony of laughter, screams, and heavy machinery, to an overheard phone conversation in a public bathroom between a cheating husband and his mistress, most of the narratives here are small and found as-is, with a few pieces of observation and satire thrown in for good measure. This approach allowed for a wider canvas, an embrace of the everyday moment, and the discovery that if you press record in a public place in 2013, in less than five minutes you'll still capture something like an elderly woman lamenting her husband's decision to not let her wear a sweater to the Fair.

As the band prepares to dive back in to complete our next historical piece, the 19th-century-based A Voice Wild & Strange, we took a great deal of care and pleasure documenting a few anecdotes from our everyday lives in what we hope is a fun and rewarding 30-minute journey through the new south.


released December 6, 2013

Band recorded live onto 2" tape by Zac Thomas at Jam Room Studio

Tracks 1, 2 and mixed by Zac Thomas

Overdubs, "Sketches of the State Fair" and "Nobody Cares Who You Are" recorded and mixed by Daniel Machado

Mastered by Zac Thomas at Jam Room

Cover illustration and design by Maria Fabrizio

Check out individual tracks for detailed credits


all rights reserved



The Restoration Columbia, South Carolina

We write concept albums about the American South.

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Track Name: New South Blues
I’ve got a pocket full of moonbeams,
A noodle full of bad dreams
And melodies that never went anywhere.
I swear, I’ll stop poking the bear (right after this).

You’ve got a castle made of sawdust,
A mattress for a bank trust
And a blaze of glory in the mind—
You’ll find you may spend a while in line...

Lo the Facebook lamentations
About the “spoiling of the nation”
And how the good ol’ days are gone.
Oh? They never mention ol’ Jim Crow.

“In the past, turned the page”
Muslim witch hunt, Proposition 8
This is the new South

Holy wars, tapas bars
Hipsters, chillwave, hybrid cars
This is the new South

I keep my memories in an iPhone
Right next to that old ham bone
That I’m trying not to eat.
See, piggies squeak and it makes me feel guilty

Yes, I know, you also follow your own code
But I pause to ask how thorough
Your study of its context has been
Ah, excuse me, there I go again.

“YOU LIE!” Boeing Jets
Don’t tread on Neo-Confederates
This is the new South

Nanobots, Leviticus
Trickle down ignorance
This is the new South

I’d like to write a science fiction
Where history is mentioned
And we learn from the past.
But who’d believe it, so I guess I’ll pass

In all fairness, the South has no monopoly
On ignorance and bigotry
You understand
We just have the most trusted brand

Magnet schools for the Arts
Crystal meth, Earnhardt
This is the new South

Literary legacy
Bobby Jones University
This is the new South

—I hate to tell you.
Track Name: Possible Country
I hear this whispered conversation
On a cellphone in a bathroom stall:
"You know my wife and kids are at home
And I don't know why you'd call.
You knew how it would be—
You knew it from the top with me.
No matter how I want to
I can't come and keep you warm.

Now, I'm not one to pluck
The speck in someone's eye—
You'd never get his name out of me,
See, I'm an accomplice in his lie.
From two stalls down to myself
While stiffing a cough—
See who knows who has hooks in who out there
And who knows where it stops.
Track Name: Nobody Cares Who You Are
Nobody cares who you are—
And I mean that in the nicest way
Because it applies to each of us, everyday.

Yes, nobody cares who you are
And I mean that in a cosmological way
You’re probably not going to have your say.

You say you’ll be a big star
Well, I say in a couple billion years
You’ll be back exactly where you are—

With nobody caring who you are
And I mean that in the most pragmatic way
You don’t have long but, hey, you’ve got today.

It may seem a noble cause
To bring yourself more applause,
But you gotta remember the big picture,
Take the long view and listen:

Nobody cares who you are—
And I mean that in a very real way
You're part of a genome that's better each day.

You've got to keep that ego in check.
You’re a pretty cool card in a trillion-card deck.

You're the universe knowing itself—
But, hey man, nobody likes a universe that's full of itself.

It may seem a noble cause
To bring yourself more applause,
But you gotta remember the big picture,
Take the long view and listen:

When the sun burns up in 5 billion years
Do you think they'll say,
"It would be alright,
If only Brad Pitt were here"?

That's why nobody should care who you are
Except for the ones you love
Right here where you are.

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